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What is the first ability Peter absorbs?
Where does Claire live with her adopted family?
Claire's real mother has what power?
Noah Bennet REALLY works for what organization?
Who is the 'exploding man?'
Sylar's family works in what trade?
What is Sylar's real name?
Who wrote 'Activating Evolution?'
Who does Sylar mistake for Claire when he is at homecoming?
Niki's alter-ego goes by what name?
Hiro and Ando steal what Japanese historical item from Linderman?
Who does Future-Hiro visit first in the current time?
Who is Isaac's ex-girlfriend?
What is the waitress', Charlie's, power involve?
What is Peter's job at the start of the season?
Nathan Petrelli is running for what New York office?
Who leads the Primatech Paper company raid?
What is the name of Isaac's comic book starring Hiro and Ando?
What kind of music reduces the negative effects of enhanced hearing?
Claire's mom spoils this dog...

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