TV Char-actor Mash Up!

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Can you name the TV show when given one name of a character, and the other name of the corresponding actor?

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Michael Bateman
Alan Cryer
George Alexander
Sean Stark
Loretta Houlihan
Henry Fonzarelli
Neil Stinson
Elliot Chalke
Blair Meester
Lou Asner
Ethel Vance
Robert Garrett
Aaron Pinkman
Joey LeBlanc
Laura Vause
Lincoln Purcell
Bea Zbornak
Doug James
Tom Ansari
John Halpert
Carmela Falco
Kaley Hennessy
Kate Lilly
Omar Foreman
Gloria Vergara
Sam Danson
Charlotte Davis
Jenna Krakowski
Vincent Campbell
Alison Edison
Rick Lincoln
Kiefer Bauer
Malcolm Muniz
Sheldon Parsons

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