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Can you name the words in the categories that start with K, unless stated otherwise?

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** The last row for these two asterisked columns is a catch-all for a list of uncommon three-letter words. To get the last row, just type ONE of these uncommon words.... The dark green columns give extra hints. For the actors / actresses, it lists their songs or movies / TV shows they appear in, sometimes proceeded by their character.
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10 Famous Musicians / Actors*
Penny, 'Big Bang Theory' 
'Stronger', 'Heartless' 
Rose, 'Titanic' 
'Dawson's Creek', 'Batman Begins' 
'Firework', 'Hot n Cold' 
'Breakway', 'Since U Been Gone' 
'Tik Tok', 'Animal' 
'King of Queens', 'Zookeeper' 
Reality celebrity, had a leaked sex tape 
Bella, 'Twilight' 
9 Three Letter Words Ending with K**
8 Top 100 Girls' Names Past Century
7 Three Letter Words Starting with K**
6 Countries
5 Top Fortune 500 Companies
Personal Care 
4 Body Parts
3 Big 4 Sports Teams
2 Shakespeare Plays
1 US President

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