Bizarre Bible Rules

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Can you name the rules which have actually been mentioned in the Bible?

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Don't be a homosexual
Do not murder
Do not masturbate
Don't shave
Never drink alcohol
Don't wear clothes with more than one fabric
No sex while on your period
Only have sex once a year with your wife
Don't let cows and pigs have sex.
Do not sing in temple
Don't sleep more than 12 hours a night
Do not stay awake all night
Flat nosed people can't go to God's altar
Kill babies with deformities
Don't sleep with your mom
RuleReal / Fake (R/F)Extra Info
No mother-wife threesomes
Do not kiss in public
Don't sleep with your daughter-in-law
Do not drink coffee
Kill the children if dad cheats on mom
Do not eat salmon
Don't eat shrimp
Don't envy houses
Do not grow potatoes
Do not smoke
Kill the pagans
Kill wizards
Do not attempt to fly
No tattoos
Kill anyone over 7 feet

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