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hint characterseries
main character1,2,3
head careworker1,2,3
secendery worker1,2,3
dislikes change/organised 1,2,3
keeps getting arrested 1,2,3
is very close to his grandad 1,2,3
is fond of her sisters 1,2,3
sister of above 1,2,3
sister of above 1,2,3
loves art 1,2,3
has a teddy called jeff 1,2,3
has parents in prison for fraud3
is franks boyfriend 3 (2 eps)
hint characterseries
is the only kid who wets the bed 3
pushes tracy down the stairs 3 (2 eps)
comes off the streets/is scared of water 3 (3 eps)
has blue hair highlights 1,2,3
is sweet and kind 1,2,3
is determained to be fostered 1,2,3
loves anything pink 1,2,3
loves comics and deadly virus books 1,2
tracys foster mum 1,2,3
tracys boyfriend 1,2,3
tracy's 'replacement'3 (1 ep)

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