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Man of SteelDC Comics
Spidey SenseMarvel Comics
BatarangDC Comics
Adamantium ClawsMarvel Comics
Turns GreenMarvel Comics
Used to be Amazon WarriorDC Comics
Power RingDC Comics
Super SoldierMarvel Comics
Super SpeedDC Comics
Target at Adult AudienceImage Comics
Robot SuitMarvel Comics
'It's Clobbering Time'Marvel Comics
'SHAZAM!'Marvel Comics
BlindMarvel Comics
InvisibilityMarvel Comics
ElasticityMarvel Comics
Batman's SidekickDC Comics
Breathe UnderwaterDC Comics
God of ThunderMarvel Comics
Weather ControlMarvel Comics
Shoots ArrowsDC Comics
Combustibility Marvel Comics
Energy VisionMarvel Comics
Leader of the X-MenMarvel Comics
Scarlett Johansson...Marvel Comics
Playing CardsMarvel Comics
Shoots ArrowsMarvel Comics
Genius, BlueMarvel Comics
Forgotten Member of The Justice LeagueDC Comics
Has a SurfboardMarvel Comics
TeleportationMarvel Comics

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