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What is Katniss's nickname in the Hunger Games?
Who is Katniss's best friend?
Haymitch claims you as a traitor.
The symbol of the rebellion is.....
Amazing stylist for Katniss
Used to warp with Peeta's mind in Mockingjay
The wolfs and white reptiles are...
Katniss's weapon of choice
What does Peeta get in the 74th Hunger Games because Cato cut his leg?
The bird that makes Katniss hear people's screams
The 75th Hunger Games arena is a.....
What does President Snow's breath smell of?
Clever tribute who eats nightlock
District 8 people looking for District 13
Katniss's true love
Prim's scruffy old cat
The district where 'The Nut' is located
Katniss's ally in 74th Hunger Games, hops from tree to tree
District 2 tribute handy with knives
Let's Katniss go because she was Rue's ally
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