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The capital of Seychelles is ________
_____ ________ is the tallest mountain in the world.
______ is the largest country in the world.
________'s capital is the same as its country name located in Africa
_____ is the fashion capital of the world.
The country ______ is mentioned in 3 other countries.
The ____ are located in France and other countries where it's very snowy like mountains!
____ is the capital of Togo.
The ________ _____ borders the United States.
The Weddell Sea is near the continent _________.
____ ______ is the oldest lake and largest in Russia.
_______ is the capital of Indonesia.
_____ ________ is the tallest mountain in Alaska
Sydney is located in the country of _________.
The small island located off the coast of Australia is ________.
The ________ _________ are located by Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan
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