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Who is the boy that looks like Bram? $100
Who is the girl that helps Cassia find Ky?$200
What was the kind of fish Vick saw before he died?$300
Who does Cassia see in th beginning of the novel?$500
Who is afraid of opening up to Cassia?$1,000
What is the man's name that helps Cassia, Indie, Eli, and Ky?$2,000
What was Hunter's daughter's name?$4,000
What is Ky's real last name?$8,000
Who does Indie think Ky is?$16,000
Who's tissue sample does Cassia take?$32,000
Cassia and Indie are looking for what?$64,000
Where did they send Cassia at the end of the novel?$125,000
What did Indie hide on the plane from Cassia?$250,000
Who's tissue sample does Eli take?$500,000
What is Xander's secret?$1,000,000

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