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Tobias is the world's first A
Michael's surnameB
George Sr.'s invention that burns everyoneC
Steve Holt's momE
G.O.B.'s puppetF
Tobias and G.O.B.'s industry nameG
G.O.B. was in this male stripper agencyH
Bounty Hunter and CatererI
One-armed man that teaches lessonsJ
George Sr.'s crazy secretaryK
Dated Buster and has vertigo problemsL
George Michael's cousinM
Tobias is a........ (wears cut-offs)N
George Sr.'s twin brotherO
George Michael:'I have ....... in the attic.'P
Tobias buys this clubQ
British girl that Michael datedR
'There's always money in the banana...'S
Rita's uncleT
Michael's fake uncleU
George Michael's girlfriend's last nameV
The serious lawyerW
The year of Motherboy that Lucille and George Michael went toX
G.O.B. sinks this for a spring break magic showY

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