Fallout: New Vegas unique weapons.

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Can you name the unique weapons in Fallout: New Vegas?

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TypeWeaponCommon Counterpart
Pistol.357 Magnum Revolver
Pistol.44 Magnum Revolver
Pistol.45 Auto Pistol
Pistol5.56mm Pistol
Pistol9mm Pistol
Pistol12.7mm Pistol
PistolHunting Revolver
RifleBattle Rifle
RifleBB Gun
RifleBrush Gun
RifleCowboy Repeater
RifleHunting Rifle
RifleLight Machine Gun
RifleMarksman Carbine
RifleService Rifle
TypeWeaponCommon Counterpart
RifleSniper Rifle
RifleVarmint Rifle
ShotgunCaravan Shotgun
ShotgunHunting Shotgun
ShotgunSawed-off Shotgun
Heavy weaponMinigun
Energy PistolLaser Pistol
Energy PistolRecharger Pistol
Energy RifleGauss Rifle
Energy RifleLAER
Energy RifleLaser Rifle
Energy RiflePlasma Rifle
Energy Heavy WeaponFlamer
TypeWeaponCommon Counterpart
Energy Heavy WeaponGatling laser
Energy Heavy WeaponPlasma Caster
Energy Heavy WeaponTesla Cannon
ProjectileFat Man
ProjectileGrenade Rifle
ProjectileGrenade Machinegun
ProjectileMissile Launcher
MeleeBowie Knife
MeleeBumper Sword
MeleeCombat Knife
MeleeFire Axe
MeleeStraight razor
TypeWeaponCommon Counterpart
Melee9 iron
MeleeLead Pipe
MeleeSuper Sledge
UnarmedBallistic Fist
UnarmedBladed Guantlet
UnarmedDisplacer Glove
UnarmedDog Tag Fist
UnarmedBoxing Gloves
UnarmedMantis Guantlet
UnarmedPower Fist
UnarmedZap Glove
UnarmedSpiked Knuckles
UnarmedYao Guai Guantlet

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