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Urban Dictionary EntryPresident
Very large in size, girth, etc
The bane of Mexicans everywhere
Foolish redneck farmer with a peanut fetish
Elected because he had mob connections but couldn’t dodge bullets like Ford and Reagan
So obscure, in fact, that his nickname is “The American Louis Philippe” (huh?)
Entered office under the cloud of a shady bargain involving the Electoral College
A thinker who was ahead of his time in many aspects that any citizen of the world should look at with respect and admiration
The original Mark Wahlberg - true bad@$$.
Famous Civil War general, later two term Republican president
A pagan god who is worshipped by many members of the Republican party
stuck it to that nutjob MacArthur
Worst President ever, and that's saying something when you have George W. Bush, Warren G. Harding and Franklin Pierce
The guy that had an affair with Sally Hemmings
A big reason why we now have a black president
The first un-elected American president
Widely considered to be the worst President of all time, until soundly replaced in this title by George W. Bush
Urban Dictionary EntryPresident
Name of the 21st President of the United States
Man responsible for lowering the USA's average IQ from the normal (100) to 41
The chocolate Jimmy Carter
Bald with two sticky-outy regions of hair on either side of his head
The last truly conservative president who governed as small government
Made the U.S. into a world power by constructing the Panama Canal
A pot-smoking ex-president who always has sex on his mind
His greatest fame is a dam
Man who had a major part in the assassination of JFK
The dollar bill guy
Did what EVERY president does, except he got caught
Remembered for the U.S. invasion of Panama the Gulf War, the collapse of the Soviet Union
Was killed early into his term by Charles Giteau, whom he had previously denied a job
2nd president of the United States
A role model for left-winged socialists

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