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Quint, Matt Hooper,Chief Brody1975
Andy Dufresne, 'Red', Brooks Hatlen1994
Senator Paine, Clarissa Saunders, Jim Taylor1939
Benjamin Braddock, Elaine Robinson, Mr. McGuire1967
Sydney Schanberg, Dith Pran, John Swain1984
William Miller, Penny Lane, Russell Hammond2000
Dignan, Bob Mapletorpe, Mr. Henry1996
Dante, Randal, Veronica1994
Harry Hinkle, Willie Gingrich, 'Boom Boom' Jackson1966
Jim Garrison, Clay Shaw, David Ferrie1991
Billy Costigan, Colin Sullivan, Frank Costello2006
Paul Edgecombe, John Coffey, Eduard Delacroix1999
Sonny, Sal, Leon Shermer1975
Mike, Trent, Sue1996
Michael Bolton, Milton Waddams, The Bobs1999
Derek, Hansel, The Prime Minister of Malaysia2001
Henry Drummond, Mathew Harrison Brady, Bertram Cates1960
Lloyd Dobler, Diane Court, Corey1989
Luke, Dragline, Babalugats1967
Karl Childers, Doyle Hargreaves, Frank Wheatley1996

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