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Can you name the year of each of these actual newspaper headlines (20th century only)?

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Landslide for Ike!
Paris Falls: City Quiet as Nazis Enter
President Leaves on Trip to China
Assassin Kills Kennedy: Lyndon Johnson Sworn In
Radio Fake Scares Nation
Kennedy Orders Blockade of Cuba
Lindbergh Baby Kidnapped From Home
Atom Spy Couple Sentenced to Die
Hawaii Becomes the 50th State; New Flag Shown
Russia and Japan Accept Roosevelt’s Suggestion
German Army Attacks Poland
President Starts Recovery Program
U.S. Forces Out of Vietnam; Hanoi Frees the Last P.O.W.
Unknowns of World War II and Korea Are Enshrined
Shark Kills 2 Bathers, Maims 1, Near New York
Communists Take Over Saigon
100,000 Hail Hitler; U.S. Athletes Avoid Nazi Salute to Him
Men Walk on Moon
Nixon Resigns
Work Begins on Yankee Stadium; No Ceremony to Mark First Step in Construction
Mandela is Named President, Closing the Era of Apartheid
2 Students in Colorado School Said to Gun Down as Many as 23
Oahu Bombed by Japanese Planes
Galveston in Ruins: Estimates of Dead in Thousands
Lusitania Topedoed!
Our Subway Opens, 150,000 Try It
Clinton, at U.N., Signs Treaty Banning All Nuclear Testing
Nation and Millions in City Joyously Hail Bicentennial
4 U.S. Agents Killed in Texas Shootout with Cult
The Shuttle Explodes
At Least 31 Are Dead, Scores Are Missing After Bomb Attack in Oklahoma City
Death Captures Crown of Rock and Roll
Martial Law Declared in Sarajevo: Heir to Throne Assassinated
President Harding Dies Suddenly
Hitler Dead
Dillinger Slain in Chicago; Shot Dead by Federal Men in Front of Movie Theatre
North Atlantic Pact Erases Last Marks of Isolationism
Soviet Fires Earth Satellite into Space
Dodgers Purchase Robinson, First Negro in Modern Major League Baseball
Amid Splendor, Charles Weds Diana
Eisenhower Heads Allied Staff;Land, Air, Sea Chiefs To Serve Under Eisenhower
Lenin Dies of Cerebral Hemorrhage; Moscow Throngs Overcome With Grief
Bush Halts Offensive Combat; Kuwait Freed, Iraqis Crushed
Taft Impressed Audience; Breaking of Tradition Added to the Inauguration
Largest U.S. Tanker Spill Spews 270,000 Barrels of Oil off Alaska
3 Apollo Astronauts Die in Fire
Wall Street Lays an Egg
President Shot at Buffalo Fair
Fatal Fall of Wright Airship; Lieut. Selfridge Killed and Orville Wright Hurt
Electronic Computer Flashes Answers, May Speed Engineering
Hindenburg Burns in Lakehurst Crash
U.S. Defeats Soviet Squad in Olympic Hockey by 4-3
Raze Berlin Wall, Reagan Urges Soviet
White Star Liner Strikes Iceberg on Maiden Trip
Stalingrad Halts Hard Nazi Attacks; Red Army Takes Strong Points from Germans
Wilson Asks for War Action
Jackson Wins Easily in Michigan in Surprising Setback to Dukakis
Malcolm Knew He Was a 'Marked Man'
Hoover Odds 5 to 1 on Eve of Election
Scott Dies After Finding Pole
Truman Orders U.S. Air, Navy Units to Fight In Aid Of Korea
China Resumes Control of Hong Kong, Concluding 156 Years of British Rule
Harry Houdini Dies After Operations: Loses Fight For Life in Detroit Hospital
Martin Luther King Wins the Nobel Prize for Peace
Maris Hits 61st in Final Game
Lindbergh Does It!
Budapest Protest Grew Into War; Battle for Hungary Remains in Doubt
Mark Twain is Dead at 74
Scopes Guilty, Fined $100
Capone Convicted of Dodging Taxes; May Get 17 Years
Earthquake and Fire: San Francisco in Ruins
Los Angeles Policemen Acquitted In Taped Beating
Power Failure Imperils Astronauts
Dewey Defeats Truman
Clinton Emphatically Denies an Affair With Ex-Intern
Democrats Assert Reagan is Using ‘Star Wars’ Scare to Hide Blunders
Guyana Official Reports 300 Dead At Religious Sect's Jungle Temple
Kennedy and Nixon Clash in TV Debate
Dentist, Close to Death, Receives First Permanent Artificial Heart
Violence Erupts After Assassination of King
Opening of Service; About 10,000 Words Sent Between Nova Scotia and Ireland
High Court Bans School Segregation; 9-to-0 Decision Grants Time to Comply
Inventors of North Carolina Box Kite Machine Want Government to Purchase It
Manson and 3 Women Found Guilty; State to Ask Death Penalty
Suffrage Amendment is Ratified
Chernenko is Dead in Moscow at 73; Gorbachev Succeeds Him
Two Germanys Unite After 45 Years with Jubilation and a Vow of Peace
High Court Puts New Curb On Powers of the Police to Interrogate Suspects
Truce Is Signed, Ending the Fighting In Korea
Teheran Students Seize U.S Embassy and Hold Hostages
Drastic Measures Everywhere to Curb Flu
Italians Guilty in Murder;Jury to Deal With Them as if They Were Americans
3rd Planet Found in Modern Times; Others, Uranus and Neptune
US is Voted Dry
Government Clears the Way for Quantity Production of Salk Preventive
Ferraro is Chosen by Mondale as Running Mate, First Woman on Major Ticket
President Roosevelt Greets Free Cuba
4000 Ships Carry Troops to Coast of France
Standard Oil Company Must Dissolve in 6 Months
Reds’ Night Game Draws 25,000 Fans; First Under Lights in Major Leagues

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