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This is the movie with the most uses of the F-bomb and its derivatives (with 237 uses) to win the Best Picture Oscar.
The title's meaning comes from a preexisting slang term used by soldiers for a situation involving trouble or pain, and can be traced back to the Vietnam War.
All of the musical numbers in the film except Roxie, Mister Cellophane, and Razzle Dazzle are introduced by the bandleader.
Though Sandra Bullock is well renowned for her role, she has less than 6 minutes of actual screen time throughout the whole film.
Extras in the infamous beach scene were paid three times as much as other extras due to issues with sunburns.
The film's tagline 'Whoever saves one life saves the world entire' is a quotation from the Talmud.
Alan Ball claimed that inspiration for the film came when he saw a paper bag floating in the wind while sitting in the World Trade Center plaza.
Juliette Binoche knew she wanted to be in the film as soon as she read the scene where Kip shows Hana the fresco paintings on the walls of the church.
The priest in the street near the beginning yells 'a plague on both your houses,' which is a famous quote from Romeo and Juliet.
The pile of excreta that Jamal jumps into was made from a combination of chocolate and peanut butter.
Nash's mutterings after he loses the board game are in reference to 'Game Theory', the economic theory that John Nash is probably most famous for.
The director of the film is arachnophobic, and based Shelob's design on the types of spiders he feared most.
During the ping-pong matches, there was no ball; it was entirely CGI, animated to meet the actors' paddles.
The Kearney State College scenes were shot at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln, due to major construction at the former.
One of only three films to win the Oscar for Best Picture without being nominated for Best Director, the other two being 'Wings' and 'Grand Hotel'.
Mary Tyler Moore, who received a Best Actress nomination for the film, has less time onscreen than Timothy Hutton, the Best Supporting Actor nominee for the very same film.
TriviaMovieYear Won
The title of the film comes fron the first line of William Butler Yeats' poem 'Sailing to Byzantium'.
The lead actor reportedly looked so much like the title character he was playing, that many people in India believed him to be the ghost of that man.
The hair-washing scene made the crew very nervous, as it was shot very close to some very territorial hippopatami.
Blue body paint for battles had stopped being used around the end of the Roman era -- roughly 800 years before the events of this film.
Guy Pearce plays George VI's older brother, Edward VIII. In actuality, Pearce is 7 years younger than Colin Firth.
To maintain an authentic atmosphere, no motor vehicles were allowed on the Big Whiskey set.
The liver that Wind In His Hair proffers to Dunbar after the buffalo hunt is made of cranberry Jell-o.
The moth cocoons found in victim's throats were made of a combination of Tootsie Rolls and gummy bears, so if it was accidentally swallowed, it would be edible.
The original script called for a battle scene between Maximus and a rhinoceros, but had to be cut due to CGI limitations.
For in-flight viewings, several airlines deleted the sequence in which Raymond reels off statistics on airline accidents.
Tom Berenger's lifelike scar required three hours of makeup work every day of shooting.
Security was so tight around the shoot that when Peter O'Toole once forgot his pass, he was denied entrance to the set.
The lead actress underwent a serious boxing training schedule for the role, where she gained 20 pounds of muscle.
Most of the ocean which extras were jumping into was 3 feet deep.
All music played on camera during the scenes coincides with the keys being struck on the instruments, so as to increase the authenticity of the film.

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