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Can you name the athletes who have received the most Olympic gold medals?

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Year(s) in which wonAthleteEvent (number of Golds)
1956-1964Gymnastics (9)
1900-1908Athletics (8)
1984-1996Athletics (9)
1900-1920Archery (6)
1992-1994Cross-Country Skiing (6)
1992-1998Cross-Country Skiing (8)
1968-1972Swimming (9)
1972-1980Gymnastics (7)
1992-2004Swimming (8)
1960-1968Gymnastics (7)
Year(s) in which wonAthleteEvent (number of Golds)
1968-1976Gymnastics (8)
1980-2004Canoeing (8)
1932-1960Fencing (7)
1956-1964Gymnastics (7)
1984-1992Swimming (8)
1998-2010Biathlon (6)
1936-1960Fencing (6)
2004-2012Swimming (18)
1952-1956Gymnastics (7)
1920-1928Athletics (9)

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