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AAAnt-eating animal
BBJewish religious leader
CCExpandable musical instrument
DDAfter engagement, before honeymoon
EEExtreme happiness or popular TV show
FFThey have ridges!
GGPart of the chicken paradox
HHOwner of a Guide to the Galaxy
IIFun winter sport
JJPilgrimage to Mecca
KKLittle trinket or plaything
LLIsland for American Immigration
MM'Violent' band, or French for 'Women'
NNDisney's famous female rodent
OOHow much __ would a __ chuck chuck if a __ chuck could chuck __?
PPTypes include Bell, Chipotle, and JalapeƱo
QQExamples include Elizabeth, Mary, or Latifah (said with a stutter)
RRType of fish, or 'Heart' hit
SSType of fish, or musical instrument
TTPopular status update site
UUHousehold item, a dust bunny's worst enemy
WWMonth of the Muslim calendar following Ramadan
XXLarge American oil corporation
YYArab word for 'mister' or 'sir'
ZZSporcle has lots of 'em

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