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What type of creature is Oy?
What is the name of the piano player in Tull?
What is the name of the Guardian Bear in 'The Wastelands'?
Where is Roland from?
What word describes Roland's group of travelers?
Who did Jake see in his dreams to lead him to Mid-World?
What was inscribed on the door that Roland used to draw Eddie?
Who is Roland's father?
What King book was Pere Callahan originally introduced?
What is the name of the raven in 'The Gunslinger'?
What is the name of the witch of the Coos?
What group included Jonas, Depape, and Reynolds?
Finish the line: 'The man in black fled across the desert...' (4 words)
What is the name of the cook that was hanged?
Who did Roland enter on the 3rd door in 'The Drawing of the Three?'

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