Half-Life 2 enemies

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Can you name the Half-Life 2 enemies?

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Small, annoyingUndead
Small, annoying and contagiousUndead
Small and annoyingly fastUndead
T*** with a Taser'Human'
T*** with a gun'Human'
T*** with a big gun'Human'
'My icing!'Undead
Fast 'My icing!'Undead
Contagious 'My icing!'Undead
OM NOM NOM, long tongueCreature
Number 6 weaponCreature
Big nasty version of number 6 weaponCreature
Annoying, floating buzzsawsMachine
Rolling electric footballMachine
Jumping mineMachine
Funny to knock over, unless they shoot youMachine
Hard to kill, but good with a quick grenadeMachine
Stupid f***ing helicopter'Human'-operated Machine
ROCKETS!!'Human'-operated Machine
MORE ROCKETS!!'Human'-operated Machine
Tall, spindly annoying f***erMachine
None combat enemy, seen on TV screensHuman

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