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Which organelle contains most of the cell’s DNA?
What is the transportation network of the cell and site of chemical reactions?
What is the name of the part of the cell that serves as a physical barrier between the nucleus and the cytoplasm?
Which part of the cell is important to protein synthesis?
What plays a roll in cell division by dividing in 2 and moving to the ends of the cell?
In which part of the cell does cellular respiration take place?
Which part of the cell is an enclosed compartment which is filled with water?
Which cellular organelles break down waste?
What is the assembly-line for modifying and packaging proteins?
What is the name of the tough rigid layer that surrounds plant cells?
Which part of the cell produces ribosomes?
What helps maintain the shape of the cell?
Which part of the cell transports proteins?
What takes up most of the space in a cell and contains molecules or raw materials for cell processes?
What is the name of the organelles that are found near the endoplasmic reticulum?
Which cell organelle is known as the “suicide bag”?
Where are most of the ribosomes located?
Which organelle SYTHESISES proteins, lipids and steroids?
Which organelle produces proteins?
Which part of the cell provides the DNA blueprint for the cell’s functions and processes?
Which organelle is responsible for PROCESSING and PACKAGING proteins?
What do both plant and animal cells have to separate the interior of the cells from the outside environment
Which organelle contains strong enzyme to beak down large particles, harmful substances and old cells?
What is one part of the cytoskeleton?
What is the name of a double layer that controls the entry and exit of materials to the cell?
What gives the plant cell its shape?
What is the part of the cell that separates the interior of the cell from the outside environment?
Which part to of the cell produces the organelles responsible for protein synthesis?
What does an active cell that has high levels of energy need to have large numbers of?
Which part of the cell is selectively permeable controlling the movement of substances in and out of the cell?
In which part of the cell does the first stage of cellular respiration take place?

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