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What is the name of a white blood cell that engulfs or destroys bacteria and viruses?
What shape are cocci?
What chemicals can be used on the skin to slow the growth of micro-organisms?
What is our first line of defence against bacteria?
What is the name of the reproductive cycle in which the viral genetic information is incorporated into the host’s DNA.
Which type of cell remembers a bacteria or virus so that you don’t get sick with it again?
What is the name if the sphere shaped bacteria?
What word is used when a virus enters a host cell and takes it over?
What is the process by which DNA is transferred from one bacterium to another by a virus?
What does RNA stand for?
When you are given antibodies, is this known as ACTIVE or PASSIVE immunity?
Why should elderly and young people be the first to be vaccinated?
What is the abbreviation deoxyribo-enucleic Acid?
What is the name of the small, round masses of cells found throughout the human body that fight infection?
What is the process when a fragment of DNA from a dead bacterium is passed by another bacterium?
What is the name of the rod shaped bacteria?
Which red-shaped bacterial line up in a row?
Is it a bacteria or a virus if it is lifeless and has no metabolic system?
What shape are spirilla?
What do we call it if bacteria enters through breaks in skin?
What kills micro-organisms?
Which is the most diverse Kingdom to which eukaryotic microorganisms belong?
Which circular shaped bacteria are randomly close together?
What shape are bacilli?
What does DNA stand for?
What is the name of the spiral shaped bacteria?
What is the name of the white blood cells produced in the lymph glands?
What is the abbreviation for ribo-nucleic acid?
What is the word that means the transfer of genetic material from an F+ cell to a F- called F pilus?

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