Transactional Analysis PAC

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BehaviourParent, Adult or Child +ve and -ve
Calm when there are problems
'Go away, I don't like you'
Does things to get people to look at them
Doesn't care about others
Claiming it isn't your fault when it is
Being excited about something good
Tries to figure out how it works
Giving 'fatherly advice'
Being happy
Whines and complains
Complains that it is not fair
Nobody likes me
BehaviourParent, Adult or Child +ve and -ve
'Mothering' those in need
Searches for a solution
Ordering people around
Showing compassion
Thinks only of himself
Being critical
Gets into fights
Stays calm to solve a problem
Being Responsible
Enjoying life
Emotion free
Being Stern
Wants all the attention

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