Grade 10 Canadian History WWI Part 1 of2

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Can you name the Events in Canadian History WWI for Grade 10 Ontario students?

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The date the armistice was signed
What is the name of the alliance between Germany, Austria–Hungary, and Italy?
Temporary tax to pay for WWI
A disease soldiers got in the war from having wet feet.
Compulsory enrolment in war
A controversial battle in which 15,000 Canadians died or were wounded.
The meeting of the Allied victors following the end of World War I to set the peace terms for Germany and other defeated nations
The Serbian who shot Archduke Franz Ferdinand.
What is the name of the alliance between Britain, France and Russia?
The treaty that blamed Germany for starting WWI
What year was the Battle of Vimy Ridge?
The Canadian made rifle that failed in the conditions of trench warfare.
The battle that gave the image of national unity and achievement
Prime minister during WWI
A word that means that a country wants to have a strong military capability and use it to defend or promote national interests
34. What is the name of the conference that “redrew the map of Europe”?
WWI started after this man was shot.
The battle that was the first time the Canadians attacked together, and they achieved a magnificent victory, sweeping the Germans off the ridge.
32. What is the name of the Serbian nationalist, terrorist group that assassinated Archduke Franz Ferdinand?
A battleship of the British Royal Navy that revolutionized naval power in 1906.
The time and date of Remembrance Day each year
What is one type of poison gas use in WWI?
33. Which WWI battle is famous for being the muddiest and the most difficult to win?
A word that means that one country wants to expand its territory?
A way a government raises money for war that controls inflation
The date Germany made its last reparations payment for World War I.
The battle in which Canadians confirmed their reputation as hard-hitting shock troops.
The area of land between two enemy trenches that neither side wishes to openly move on or take control of, for fear of being attacked by the enemy.
An agreement between countries to defend each other if one of them is attacked
The name given to the system of dugouts created to protect the soldiers
What happened May 15 to June 25, 1919
A German plan to be victorious on two fronts
Belief that one country and its people are great.
What is the name of the battle that occurred in the last 100 days of WWI?
The battle in which the Germans first used poison gas.

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