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Like an ocean, In disguise
Empty stares...from each corner of a shared prison cell...
On a rocking horse of time
Belief in the game controls that keeps us in a box of fear
Gets up, lights a cigarette he's grown to hate
Moving oh so swiftly, with such disarm
I could be there in 23 minutes or so
A little visit, reminding me of his presence
A night bird is followin' you all the time
But she can smile just the same, same...
Had my eyes peeled both wide open, and I got a glimpse
A gale force shaking windows in the storm
Two birds is what they'll see, Getting lost upon their way
And the doors are open now as the bells are ringing out
Bring it on cause I'm no victim
Betrayin' your mother's need for a shelter
My small self... like a book amongst the many on a shelf
The blackened world grows white, it goes nowhere
Love can keep on moving,... in both directions...
I will give you're not sposed to have...

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