Sailor Moon Characters by Picture

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Can you name the Sailor Moon characters by their pictures?

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How to Play
Row, ColumnNameSailor Senshi Name
Row 1, Column 1Sailor Venus or Sailor V
Row 1, Column 2Sailor Jupiter
Row 1, Column 3Sailor Moon
Row 1, Column 4Sailor Neptune
Row 2, Column 1Sailor Uranus
Row 2, Column 2Sailor Saturn
Row 2, Column 3Sailor Mercury
Row 2, Column 4Tuxedo Mask
Row, ColumnNameSailor Senshi Name
Row 3, Column 1Sailor Mars
Row 3, Column 2Sailor Star Fighter
Row 3, Column 3Sailor Pluto
Row 3, Column 4Sailor Star Healer
Row 4, Column 1Sailor Moon's Cat
Row 4, Column 2Sailor Venus' Cat
Row 4, Column 3Sailor Star Maker
Row 4, Column 4Sailor Chibi Moon or Sailor Mini Moon

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