Jane Austen Characters

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Can you name the Jane Austen novel each character belongs too?

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Admiral Croft
Fitzwilliam Darcy
Mrs. Jennings
Colonel Forster
George Knightley
Mr. Yates
Elizabeth Bennett
Mr. Allen
Harriet Smith
Edward Ferrars
Mary Crawford
Charlotte Palmer
Mrs. Phillips
Maria Bertrum
Mr. Hurst
Anne Elliot
Charlotte Lucas
Lousia Musgrove
Charles Bingley
Mr. Rushworth
Lady Russel
John Willoughby
Catherine Morland
Jane Fairfax
Robert Martin
Lady Catherine de Bourgh
Henry Tilney
Mr. Collins
Mr. Gardiner
Marianne Dashwood
Fannie Price
George Wickham
Colonel Brandon
Mr. Shepherd
Emma Woodhouse
Lucy Steele
Frank Churchill
Frederick Wentworth
Isabella Thorpe
Sir John Middleton

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