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Years with SCAnchor NameHint
1999-present'The only thing better than an Anderson is a Granderson'
1979-present'Rumblin, Stumblin, Bumblin'
2000-2006, 2007-present'Fill thine horn with oil...and go'
2005-presentWeekends at 6pm, 11pm, or 1am
1999-2000, 2002-presentWeekend morning edition
1996-present'Nahmally good'
2007-presentAlso fill-in host for OTL, Baseball Tonight and NFL Live
2007-presentAlso hosts ESPN's Midnight Madness
2009-presentFormer WWE personality
1992-present'He's so clutch and he doesn't even know it!'
2008-presentProvides SC In-Game updates
2009-presentAlso host of First Take
1994-presentAlso host of College Football Live
2006-presentWeekdays 9am-Noon
2000-present'That's 6pm Hawaiian'
2007-present Adjusts shirt sleeves during open of every show
2007-presentHalf of Mike and Mike in the Morning
2007-presentHalf of Mike and Mike in the Morning
2003-present'Thank you, brother'
1997-present'ONE run will score! TWO Runs will score!'
1996-presentProvides SC Updates during Mike & Mike
1993-1996, 1999-presentInvolved in an infamous incident with Joe Namath
1993-presentPlayed himself in Fever Pitch and The Ringer
1979-presentAlso hosts Outside the Lines
Years with SCAnchor NameHint
1994-2004, 2007-present'Threecola,' 'YAHTZEE!,' 'Get in the hole!'
1996-presentWeekdays Noon-3pm
1993-presentAlso hosts Baseball Tonight
1986-1999, 2008-presentAlso hosts The Sports Reporters
1993-present'Boo-yah!' 'Cool as the other side of the pillow'
2007-presentSC Update anchor for 9am and Noon shows
2008-presentWeekdays 9am-Noon
2001-present'SHINY BUTTONS!' Has his own ESPNRadio show
2000-presentWeekdays 1am
2001-presentWeekdays 6pm
1997-presentAlso hosts NFL Live, 'Bases loaded, bases unloaded'
1996-1999'Aloha means goodbye'
1986-1994Currently with CBS Sports
2000-2004Currently with ESPNU
1999-2003Currently with NBC News
1991-2003Current Bruins play-by-play guy
1996-2003Currently with NFL Network
1989-1993Currently Hosts College Gameday
2002-2004Currently with Entertainment Tonight
1979-1988Current Cincinnati Reds play-by-play guy
1979-1988Currently with CBS Sports, covers NFL
Years with SCAnchor NameHint
1994-1997'Dial 9 for long distance,' 'Go to your room!'
2004-2005Winner of first season of Dream Job
2004-2008Has worked with CNN, TBS, YES and ESPN
1995-2002Trifecta, you betcha,' 'Love your glove'
2002-2006Current co-host of ESPN's First Take
1993-1996Former host of The Late Late Show and The Daily Show
1979Currently with Comcast Network
1990-2004'And he is MEAT!' 'His stick-to-itiveness pays off'
1987-1998'I kid because I care,' 'He is Rico Suave'
1992-1997Currently hosts his own show on MSNBC
1990-1998Currently with NBC Sports and VS.
1989-2006'Dare I say, en feugo'
2001-2008Currently with Comcast SportsNet Bay Area
1999-2007Currently Lead Anchor with Big Ten Network
1990-2004Current co-anchor of ABC's Good Morning America
1984, 1996-2000Currently with KNBC Los Angeles & CBS Radio
1987-2001'Francis Scott Off-Key'
1995-2002Current Savannah State football anouncer
1991-1997Current play-by-play guy for Monday Night Football
1996-2004Current College Football and NCAAW Basketball commentator for ESPN
1997-2002Currently with Sun Sports

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