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Can you name the Sheldon Cooper Trivia?

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When does Sheldon say Bazinga?
How old is Sheldon
What kind of laptop does Sheldon have?
Who would rather swim through the Ganges with a paper cut on their nipple than work with Sheldon?
Where was Sheldon Born?
Well I don't know what Arctic expedition you were on but I thought it was...
What is wednesday night?
Who owns Sheldon's favorite comic book store?
Who does Sheldon swear vengeance against?
What is Sheldon's IQ?
What does Sheldon say is the reason Penny dislocated her shoulder?
How many friends does Sheldon have on MySpace?
What was Sheldon's Halloween costume?
What is Sheldon's favorite Amino Acid?
How did Sheldon learn how to Swim?
What shirt does Sheldon wear the most?
What is his twin sister's name?
At what age did Sheldon begin college?
What is Sheldon the most terrified of?
What word does Shledon prefer to 'Bogus'?
What does Sheldon eat for breakfast on mondays?
What is Sheldon's middle name?

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