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Can you name the missing words from these quotes from Peep Show Series 4 Episode 6: The Wedding Episode?

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QuoteMissing Word(s)Who says it
'Did you slink off to bed before we did the _____-___?Jez to Mark about Marks stag night
'I'm making you the last breakfast... One brown, one white. White's ___ _______, right?Jez to Mark
'Nancy, don't have the melon. That's ___ ____ _____'Jez to Nancy
'I will veto any jokes about _____, _____ or _________'Mark to Jez about his speech
'I'm feeling very tense, nervous and unhappy and I think maybe worrying about ____ ____ ____ ______ is the reason why'Mark to Jez
'Who’s going to do the forms for, like, the TV, the gas and the water? Me? You see, ____ __ ____ _____ Mark!'Jez to Mark
'I don’t think he’ll die. He _____ ________ ____’Jez to Mark about Super Hans
'You said you were on the dry heaves. That wasn’t a dry heave. That was _ _____’Jez to Super Hans
'I’m not marrying out of _____. I’m marrying out of ____. There’s a very big difference' Mark (internal monologue)
'One thing: You have left it pretty late. It will be a _______'Jez to Mark about calling off the wedding
'What!? You’re kidding! You’re my best friend and you copped off with my fiancée? You ______ _______! This is dynamite!'Mark to Jez
QuoteMissing Word(s)Who says it
'Well in my eyes she’s been unfaithful. She broke a sacred bond. Sort of like a… a _____’. Mark to Sophie's mother
'Uuugh. It's _____. Gonna _____. *!%!'Mark after tossing the coin to decide his fate
'If you really can't hold it in then you'll just have to ____ ________'Mark to Jez
'Yes I’m doing it already. I’m so pathetic that as soon as you ordered me to p*** myself I _______ ___ _________'Jez to Mark
Oh p*** yourself, stop p***ing yourself. It’s not that simple. The __________ ___ ____'Jez to Mark
'That's it. I've ______ __ ____'Mark after saying 'I will' (internal monologue)
'I’ll keep your room just the same. Like if _____ ____'Jez to Mark
'Don't say that Sophs. We're ____ ___ ____'Mark to Sophie on the way to the reception
'It's fine. I'll just chuck it in with all my other __________ ___________'Jez to Mark
'Exactly. _____ __ __ ___ ___'Mark to Jez

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