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Can you name the Hard Drives, RAM, Removable Media, ect?

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What does SD stand for?
What does CF stand for?
What erases where a magnet effected a tv
What does SDRAM stand for?
What does DDR-RAM stand for
What does DVD stand for?
When was the first hard drive invented
What company came out with the first hard drive?
What does ODD stand for?
What device is commonly found using an actuator?
Two common hard drive speeds are?
What type of hard drive is commonly found in servers?
8192 mb equals how many gb?
650-700 mb is the storage capacity of this removable media device
What does DL stand for on DVD's?
This type of tv is most susceptible to 'burn-in' images
In the Resolution 1920 x 1080, which is the width, the 1920 or the 1080?
LCD stands for?
What does LED stand for?
Which generates more heat, plasma or lcd?
This is fast memory that serves as a buffer between the processor and main memory?
What does SCSI stand for?
Can you have two 'master' hard drives?
What does MMC stand for?
How many gb did a Jaz drive hold?

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