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wears sunglasses , shadow kick!
Metal plate in face, red eye
Main charector in movie,
Thunder god
wears yellow, Get over here!
female enforcer in special ops
wears blue, ice cold
scaley skin
4 arms , gigantic
sorceror in first mortal combat movie
long blades come out of his arms
Metal arms , works with sonya
princess of edenia
lost title to goro
a clown of kitana
Emporor of outworld
helps liu kang in mk2 , but decieves him
joins khans forced to avenge goros death
killed by scorpion
one of shau khans deadliest warriors
an assasin sent to kill sub zero
an entity composed of dead souls
member of black dragons
a centur
a native american who can shape **** to a wolf
descendent of argus http
fled to japan
sindels protector
queen of edenia
a marine
sorceror who convinces sub zero to steal shinnioks amulet
elder god who desired to rule earthrealm, most conflict with raiden

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