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Self-governing US island territory in the Western Pacific
Australia's only island state
Special administrative region of China, formerly a British colony
Extensive mountainous region covering parts of Turkey, Iran, Iraq, and Syria
Immense expanse covering almost all of Northern Asia--Covers the majority of Russia's territory
South Caribbean Island (of the Lesser Antilles) that is an autonomous region of the Netherlands
The world's second-largest continent, containing 53 separate countries
Emirate and city on the Arabian peninsula, associated with affluence and man-made islands
Massive self-governing North Atlantic island
Special administrative region of China, formerly a Portuguese colony
Disputed north Himalayan region under Chinese control--Associated with Buddhism
North Atlantic island which is the oldest and most populous remaining British overseas territory--Lends its name to an infamous 'triangle'
Self-governing US island territory in the Northeast Caribbean
Large sparsely-populated non-self-govering territory in Northwestern Africa
Historical region of central Romania bounded by the Carpathian Mountains--Associated with Dracula
Self-governing British territory at the entrance of the Mediterranean

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