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Forced Order
doesn't talk
toilet sleeper
blacked out Monday before finals
'Who the **** is playing the trumpet?'
'Yo, that's racist!'
the babe
'**** you, it's not five o'clock!'
'Wait, is that Fred?'
'It's Wednesday....Rocco's is bangin'!'
'I'm drunk. Hey look, Emily's boobs!'
Sweatsuit Girl
first TEMS of the semester
Suit Night
Pork Fried Rice
TEMS'd while sober
caveman of Sharp4
Ke$ha lover
'Kanye died!'
Sammy couch
cuddles with Joe
Smash God
destroyer of bathrooms
lumberjack leprechaun
Charlotte's room: 'Get the **** out of my room, Victoria!'
NEVER smokes weed!!!!!!!!!
likes being put in headlocks
'Wait, is that Grant?'
Russian Comrad
free hugs
'Only two types of people go to the boot: people looking for **** and ****. Which one are you?'
'My friend...'
can't keep a roommate
club soccer player
Always Down for Boot Pizza
'Four minutes. $20.'
architecture dropout
best RA ever
got thrown up on in his own bed
makes his own cars and music
most Jewish name ever
'There could be like a universe in my finger right now!' (stares at hand for thirty minutes)
Anderson Cooper

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