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Can you name the amusement park from the famous attraction?

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AttractionsAmusement ParkPlace
NemesisStaffordshire, England
Steel ForcePennsylvania, USA
Dragon KhanSalou, Spain
DodonpaYamanashi, Japan
Rock 'N' Roller CoasterFlorida, USA
It's A Small World & The Haunted MansionFlorida, USA
BehemothOntario, Canada
Infusion & SteeplechaseLancashire, UK
Phantom's Revenge & ThunderboltPennsylvania, USA
AttractionsAmusement ParkPlace
Millenium Force & Top Thrill DragsterOhio, USA
Shrek 4-D & Men In Black Alien AttackFlorida, USA
Steel Dragon 2000Mie Prefecture, Japan
The Beast & DiamondbackOhio, USA
Kingda KaNew Jersey, USA
Dueling Dragons & The HulkFlorida, USA
MegafobiaPembrokeshire, Wales
Silver Star & Euro MirRust, Germany
Spin DizzyUnited Kingdom

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