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Net-Gross(Indian Rupees)Movie NameCast Hint(Year)
Rs. 183,00,00,000Aamir Khan
Rs. 114,80,00,000Asin
Rs. 86,78,00,000Anushka Sharma
Rs. 79,42,00,000Deepika Padukone
Rs. 78,86,00,000Abhishek Bachchan
Rs. 73,47,00,000Hritik Roshan
Rs. 72,21,00,000Sanjay Dutt
Rs. 70,75,00,000Akshay Kumar
Rs. 70,00,00,000Sunny Deol
Rs. 68,48,00,000Akshay Kumar
Net-Gross(Indian Rupees)Movie NameCast Hint(Year)
Rs. 67,69,00,000Shah Rukh Khan
Rs. 66,35,00,000Saif Ali Khan
Rs. 65,00,00,000Madhuri Dixit
Rs. 63,18,00,000Katrina Kaif
Rs. 62,48,00,000Darsheel Safary
Rs. 61,68,00,000Anil Kapoor
Rs. 61,19,00,000Govinda
Rs. 60,54,00,000Salman Khan
Rs. 59,03,00,000Aishwarya Rai
Rs. 58,00,00,000Kajol

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