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cluewordpartial 2nd hint
empty (6 letters)Indochinese leader
bless (6)ha-ha's successor
thin (add 1 letter for 7)na-na's predecessor
not ruddy (remove 1 letter for 6)2010 FIFA vénue
gulp (add 1 letter for 7)Namibia, once
wade (minus 1 letter for 6)NW-most of 48
tree (6)Carib'n
cushion (6)irrational ratio
blow (6)2-way
roar (6)exist
chap (6)elem.
succeed or trail (6)UK's St. Dept or DEA
untilled (6)note
unseasoned (6)elem. or st.
let (minus 1 letter for 5)article
wax (add 1 letter for 6)Thanks,
marshflower (6)Mum,
mild (6)(from) myself
age (6)(to) you !

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