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from a 1960's cheap horror movie starring Boris Karloff , suggesting a holy day of witchcraft.
Named after a Talking Heads song
From the Muddy Waters song
Slang for speed freak
a system of music instruction from the 1890s that emphasises physical response.
characters in their graphic novels
from a white albino ball python snake owned by David Coverdale while in DEEP PURPLE
alternating current and direct current
Named after a medieval torture device.
Name of a James Bond movie
meaningsbandextra info
inspired of a Jeff Elliot drawing of a *BLANK* with no ears
Rapid eye movement in sleep
The teacher that said they would not do anything in their lives
Spanish for the wolves
Originally called the new yardbirds, a famous man said that they would go down like this
After the mythical river that people crossed over to go into Hell.
In Buddhism it means the state of perfect blessedness attained through the annihilation of the self.
a 1972 movie starring Jeff Bridges
a term used by World War II pilots to describe strange flying fireballs they sometimes saw
Formed from two members names, AXL and TRACII

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