Black Rock Shooter Characters

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Girl with red eyes and long black hair; she has two dark red horns.
Light brown-haired girl who is part of the basketball team; the anime series reveals something surprising about her.
She has a blue phone with a bird strap on it in the anime but a star-shaped strap in the OVA.
Student counsellor who appears in the anime series.
Pale-skinned girl with a large spiked crown on her head.
Girl with two horns on her head; she wields a scythe.
Black-haired girl with pigtails; wears a black hooded jacket.
White-haired girl who wields large black 'Ogre Fists'.
Video game character only; she has white hair and a pinkish magenta flame.
Light brown-haired girl who is associated with macaroons and dolls.
Quiet and good-natured girl with long hair; she is part of the volleyball team in the OVA but is in the art club in the anime.
Senior basketball player; has a tendency to act strong in front of others.
Insane version of a darkened persona; she has a blazing purple eye.

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