Beatles' Songs by Last Lines

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Can you name the Beatles' songs by their last line?

Updated Dec 17, 2011

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' were only waiting for this moment to arise.'
'...(song title), I love you more.'
'...and you're working for no one but me.'
'...I'd love to turn you on.'
'...jai guru deva, jai guru deva, jai guru deva...'
'...don't want to leave her now, you know I believe and how'
'...and stops my mind from wondering where it will go.'
'...all I want is you. Everything has got to be just like you want it to. Because...'
'...and the eyes in his head sees the world spinning round. ooh round and round...'
'...believe me when I tell you, I'll never do you no harm.'
' baby don't care...'
'...beep beep beep beep yeah!'
'...don't leave me waiting here, lead me to your door. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.'
'...making all his nowhere plans for nobody.'
''s you, you, you. yo-hoo hoo.'
'...won't you come out to play?'
'...wonder how you manage to make ends meet'
'...hey la hey hello ah..'
'...the way things are going, they're gonna crucify me.'
' know I feel all right.'
'...sleep pretty darling, do not cry, and I will sing a lullaby.'

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