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Buzz word in ParenthesesAnswer Containing Buzz Word
Motel 6 promise (leave)
Three noisy Kellogg men (pop)
'We don't need no education' (brick)
'Wait a minute' or pull the reigns (hold)
What is the capital of Assyria? (know)
Battle of Little Bighorn (stand)
Chronic halitosis (bad)
'P.U! B.O.' (body)
Like father like son (chip)
Conjunctivitis (eye)
Buzz word in ParenthesesAnswer Containing Buzz Word
Subpoena (court)
Peter Pan's home (land)
Frosty had one (corn)
'Quoth the raven...' (never)
The Eagles' Hotel California is located off one of these (dark)
Child's 401k (pig)
I Refuse to Believe this is Margarine (butter)
Dostoevsky's novel (brother)
Glucose + Oxygen --> Carbon dioxide + Water (cell)
A 'low blow' (belt)

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