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Jumbled LyricSong TitleReal Lyric
Your one prayers say little?
The mad language of?
A chop on your mirror breakfast?
Guts blood safely armored inside and sweat?
Evermore for empty this shell break?
Damn the ground can hold no chains to me?
The name you're left with and just?
All around you're thrashing?
The face chrome upon your burn?
Love want hate your you when I'm?
Jumbled LyricSong TitleReal Lyric
Begin to dance the dead of whipping?
My still mama let heart beat?
Away are ripped and weak torn?
Sky roar crumbling massive fills the blackened roar?
Trust swallows the cloud that this is?
Forever to the edge of out?
Insane vain gone fame mirror fortune?
Death eons may die stranger?
After myself is me growing conspiracy?
Stone the pages to turn turn?

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