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PositionStaff MemberGender
Defence Against the Dark Arts (Book 5), Headmistress, High Inquisitor
Headmistress (Pre-Books)
Defence Against the Dark Arts (Book 4)
Care of Magical Creatures (Books 1-2)
Ancient Runes
Herbology, Hufflepuff Head of House
Headmaster (Pre-Books)
Headmaster (Pre-Books)
Potions (Book 6-7), Slytherin Head of House (Book 7)
Headmaster (Pre-Books)
History of Magic
Herbology (After Books)
Divination (Human)
Caretaker (Pre-Books)
Muggle Studes (Year 7)
Temporary Care of Magical Creatures
PositionStaff MemberGender
Defence Against the Dark Arts (Pre-Books)
Transfiguration, Deputy Headmistress, Headmistress, Gryffindor Head of House
Charms, Ravenclaw Head of House
Potions (Book 1-5), Slytherin Head of House (Books 1-6), Defence Against hte Dark Arts (Book 6), Headmaster (Book 7)
Herbology (Pre-Books)
Headmaster, Transfiguration
Defence Against the Dark Arts (Book 3)
Care of Magical Creatures (Books 3-7, Keeper of the Keys and the Grounds
Flying, Quidditch Referee
Divination (Centaur)
Dark Arts
Muggle Studies (Years 1-6)
Headmaster (Pre-Books)
Defence Against the Dark Arts (Book 1)
Groundskeeper (Pre-Books)
Defence Against the Dark Arts (Book 2)

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