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Where was the only place Creepy Darryl has gone to since graduating Wesleyan?
What is the name of the 'Downton Abbey' parody?
Who is the celebrity who makes a background appearance at MacLaren's in this episode?
What is written on Lily's bridal panties?
What is 'confetti' a euphemism for?
Where is the suit in need of Barney's buttons located?
What street is the mother living on as of this episode?
What does Ted find when looking for ointment for his tramp stamp?
What attracts Heidi Klum away from Barney and Ted at the Victoria's Secret fashion show?
Who is the celebrity that Marshall can't remember why she is famous?
What pet does Klaus have in Ted's apartment?
What profession is Barney's father?
What drink finally causes Marshall and Barney to blackout?
What is Hurricane Mosby-Stinson's actual name?
Who plays Jed Mosely in The Wedding Bride?
What did Scooter want to be when he was an adult?
What profession did Scooter actually end up in?
What is the Canadian equivalent to chocolate?
What is the name of the girl that Ted meets in Barney's building and attempts to drive out of the city with?

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