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'They try to understand why I am so unlike the singers in the other bands...'
'Tell me there's a logic out there leading me to better prepare...'
'It breaks my heart to see you hanging from your shelf...'
'It's something that you're born into and I just don't belong...'
'I will ape a goomba if you tire...'
'Like father, stepfather, this son is drowning in the flood...'
'It's a crying shame, I'm all alone...'
'I know it isn't right, but still I have to fight...'
'Sit down, quiet everybody, we've got a long way to go...'
'I am gonna kill when I need a thrill...'
'Maybe you're scared to say I'm falling for you...'
'Oh no, what do we do? Don't look now, but I lost my shoe...'
'I can't hide my feelings, I'll go out of my mind...'
'I want to reach a higher plane...'
'The choo choo train left right on time, a ticket costs only your mind...'
'I don't want to destroy your tanktop, let's be friends and just walk away...'
'Cheese smells so good on a burnt piece of lamb...'
'Timbaland knows the way to reach the top of the chart...'
'There are bluebirds in the meadow and the bees are flying around...'
'Screw this crap, I've had it. I ain't no Mr. Cool...'
'Debbie Gibson, tell me that you think we're all alone...'
'If I'm a dog, then you're a bitch...'
'You might play so monastic that you blow it...'
'I just made love with your sweet memory one thousand times in my head...'
'It makes me feel so fine I can't control my brain...'
'Just like I'm solar, you warm up to me...'
'Anyday now you call me up on the phone, say you love me more than you ever did before...'
'Take me with you 'cuz I'm lonely...'
'You told me stories about your chickadees, they didn't like BB guns or stupid archery...'
'Pissing in plastic cups before we went on stage...'

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