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A..B'Well' in this sentence: 'He Writes Well'
B..CThe knife you throw in Call of Duty
C..DBusy, full, lots of people, what I hope this quiz is going to be (you get the point)
D..E*Warning: Very Addictive* Iphone App: ___ Jump
E..FA choice of character in World of Warcraft or Lord of the Rings
F..GAnnoying, the feeling you get when you can't find this words
G..HA very common pet...
H..IPrecedes 'How are you?' in a sentence, greeting
I..JThere was no word for this :(
J..KDon't worry; Just Kidding!
K..LWhere you put your dog when you go on vacation
L..MWhere food is eaten in a school, company, etc.
M..NRunning distance (42km/26m)
N..ONeed for Speed power up, what we all wish our cars had
O..PWhat a lot of kids do before school, mommy gets mad!
P..Q (2 letters :P)A political party in Quebec/referring to law (for you nerds out there)
Q..RVery popular brand (sunglasses, flip-flops), mercury
R..SPopular online game
S..TOnly the best candy ever!
T..UReplacement for real meat
U..VHarmful rays coming from the sun
V..WExpensive tickets have the best of this
W..XSouth Park's favorite whale
X..YCross fertilization
Y..ZAnthony Hill's Rap Name
Z..ACountry in Africa

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