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Can you name the words with the most repeated letter (A-Z)?

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ratasamaaltaA fish roe paste
crimoccicocRelating to a type of bacterium
didled-ddleadWasted time
ffiraffrUndesirable People
ggreuh-gumgreingActing Secretly
ghih-chchursmanhpiSupporting a faction of the Anglican Church
diniivsbiiltiiesPlural of the state of not being capable of dividing
jeujnojeoujnotsymoA surgical procedure carried out on the intestine
kkicnnackkA small article of little value
llliylliypAn Australian tree
ammmggroamA breast X-ray
anonnounnmecnteAbsence of a news
oowllmoolooooA suburb of Sydney
hiwreppnasppreA young, impertinent person
bluareuqueqCity in New Mexico
wartsrebry-psarrebryA Japanese plant, or an ice cream taste
ssopeionsssnelsssenA state of being without anyhing
scrunpuuluosLacking Morals
vvooviirapuosProducing eggs that hatch within the body
wwo-wwoA type of gibbon
eextucxirA female executor
ylopnysctadyylWebbing of the hands or feet
zrzatamzzaShowy spectacle

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