Michel Therrien's Rant

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Can you name the following details from Michel Therrien's famous rant?

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How was the Penguins' performance?
How much of the team doesn't care?
What amount of time is Coach Therrien is not happy to play?
What would those guys say if we took this percent of their salary because they only play this percent of the time?
What is the defensive squad's goal?
What does the defensive squad do?
What do they not have?
How are they?
What do they pretend they do, although coach Therrien says he knows they don't?
What is the first thing it's a game of?
What is the second thing it's a game of?
What is the third thing it's a game of?
There was no one guy close to do something to like whom did the other day?
Except maybe this player?
With how much time left?
How do they make Coach Therrien's job?
How does Coach Therrien feel about 'a lots of guy'?
It was like what out there tonight?
And who's been good for us, thank God?

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