Cavaliers 2010 Losses

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Can you name the teams that beat the cavs in 2010?

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January 3rd91-88
January 6th99-97
January 14th97-96
February 18th118-116 (OT)
February 19th110-93
February 21st101-95
March 6th92-85
March 26th102-97
April 4th117-113
April 8th109-108
April 9th116-113
April 11th98-92
April 14th99-83
April 22nd**108-106
May 3rd**104-86
May 9th**97-87
May 11th**120-88
May 13th**94-85
October 7th*97-83
October 16th*90-87
October 29th101-81
October 30th107-104
November 2nd100-88
November 10th95-87
November 13th99-85
November 19th108-101
November 20th116-92
November 23rd100-89
November 26th111-100
November 30th106-87
December 2nd118-90
December 4th129-94
December 5th102-92
December 7th117-97
December 8th88-83
December 11th110-95
December 12th106-77
December 15th101-95
December 17th108-99
December 20th101-90
December 22nd98-84
December 26th98-97
December 28th110-95
December 29th101-92

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