Fighting Gondor Cities

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Can you name the Cities/Regions that sent troops to the Battle of Pelennor Fields in LOTR 3?

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LocationCity/RegionArmy Leader
Former CapitalN/A
Mountain city who accompanied Aragorn in his cleansing in the southAngbor the Fearless
Densely populated area south of Capital Forlong the Fat
Region near the Hill or Erech, North of Dol AmrothN/A
Region in West GondorGolasgil
Vale on the banks of the river of the same nameDervorin
Hilly region to the west, north of AnfalasN/A
Origin of the soldiers who become the Dead of DunharrowKing of the Dead
Kingdom of the eastern shore of the Bay of BelfalasPrince Imrahil
Region kept by Faramirs RangersFaramir
Region at the mouth of the AnduinN/A

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