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Head coach that retired in the middle of the 1985 season, leaving his son in charge
Head coach with most victories in Saints history
Nicknamed the Cajun Cannon, 4th leading passer in franchise history
Holds NFL record for longest made field goal, which he made with half a foot.
Team that defeated the Saints in their first NFL game.
1st round pick in 1981, former Heisman winner, and Offensive Rookie of the Year
Only Saint to win NFL Offensive Player of the Year
Only Saint to win NFL Defensive Player of the Year
Drafted 2nd overall in the 2006 NFL Draft
2nd all-time (to career FF leader) in career sacks
First head coach in Saints history
Rookie who returned the first kickoff in team history for a touchdown
Coach who traded all 1999 draft picks for a heisman trophy winning RB from Texas
Saints all-time leader in receptions
Saints all-time leader in interceptions
Saints all-time leader in touchdowns
Saints all-time leader in forced fumbles
Saints all-time leader in scoring
Nickname of former Saints power-back Craig Heyward
Nickname for the linebackers of the late 80's 3-4 defense, proclaimed by NFL Network as the best linebacking corp of all time.
Saints career passing leader (Yards)
Saints all-time returns leader (Yards)
The Saints original home-field
Saints first majority stock holder
Player that crossed the goalline on the miracle lateral play in Jacksonville, only for kicker John Carney to miss the extra point.
CB drafted 11th overall in 1996, 3 spots before Eddie George
Proper name for Saints logo
Saints all-time leader in receiving touchdowns
The heisman trophy winning Texas RB that was drafted in 1999
Date on which New Orleans was awarded a franchise

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